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Blume 2000

Technology /conception

FUERSTVONMARTIN is the leading agency for the implementation of technical measures on web shops of BLUME 2000.

Project objectives

As the leading online flower dispatcher, Blume 2000 would like to further enhance their market position together with FUERSTVONMARTIN. In order to ensure this, various projects are being implemented to optimise the usability and an agile relaunch.

Optimising the B2B and B2C shops

FUERSTVONMARTIN carries the continuous maintenance and optimisation of the B2B and B2C shops in close cooperation with Blume 2000. Furthermore, an intranet has been set up and programmed solely for Blume 2000.

FUERSTVONMARTIN is also direct point of contact in regard to conception and technical implementation of sub-projects, such as the relaunch of the corporate website.



Alle Projekte