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Portal Management

Entertaining news: FUERSTVONMARTIN breathes new life into the and homepages with editorial teaser pictures.

Project Objectives

Regular updates of the editorial homepage module on AOL’s German and French homepages. The objective is to increase the range and in France to also strengthen the national website of the Huffington Post.

Knowing what moves people

Up-to-date, informative and entertaining – with the relaunch of in June 2012, AOL changed its French portal from a pure collection of links back to teaser pictures. In October 2012, the German site,, followed. The internet pioneer commissioned its long-standing content partner FUERSTVONMARTIN with the task of filling in the editorial teasers.

Success through versatility

Whilst the French portal links exclusively to the topic pages of, the visitors of get the best news from relevant German pages. Successfully: FUERSTVONMARTIN’s German and French teams provide cleverly selected topics and well formulated teasers to increase visitor numbers on both portals.

Alle Projekte