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The e-commerce portal enables the optimal presentation of the products. Campaigns and offers are advertised prominently.

Project objectives

Shell subsidiary “Carissa Einzelhandel- und Tankstellenservice” offers a large product portfolio to convenience shops, especially at petrol stations. Carissa required a special e-commerce solution for their customers.

Objectives of this closed customer portal were a simple and sales-orientated presentation of the products and a special emphasis on advertising campaigns.




Sales on the basis of state-of-the-art technology

The e-commerce portal enables the customised advertising of products to customers. A tailor-made and therefore successful product sale is thus possible.

FUERSTVONMARTIN accomplished a solution that makes it even more convenient for the clients to refill their stock and increase their sales.




Product variety
ideally available for order

The portal can display various types and variations of sales activities in a conversion-optimised way. Current key-account customers use the portal intuitively and refill their stock without effort.

Alle Projekte