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Portal development
CHOCNOLOGY – With HERZA´s new website, FUERSTVONMARTIN succeeded in making their client´s great passion for chocolate a tangible digital experience.

Project objectives

The overall objective was to convey HERZA’s great passion and competence for small-sized chocolates and functional bars. Thereby, great importance was placed on visual design and intuitive navigation.

A website for the senses

A picture says more than a thousand words: photos with appetising appeal present the various chocolate products and bars from the chocolate factory that belongs to the traditional company in Norderstedt near Hamburg. Just looking at the website makes the visitors’ mouths water.



B2B communication

All product groups can be found easily via the well-structured and visually appealing carousel navigation. This enables interested people to scan the page quickly. Moreover, relevant information is written in a short, clear and tangible way.


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