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Tansey Miniatures

Portal development
The newly designed portal of Tansey Miniatures enables a user-friendly management and presentation of the collection.

Project objectives

FUERSTVONMARTIN has set out to create a digital experience of one of the worldwide largest and most important collections of miniatures. The possibility to admire the antique portraits in every detail, supplemented with background information on art history, creates a virtual exhibition space that not only scientists and collectors are excited by.

Highest performance regardless of the requirement

The backbone of the challenging project is an extremely efficient, individually programmed Asset Management System for the decentralised academic management of over 800 published miniatures.

A Graphics Transformation System that has been especially programmed for this enables the output of image versions not only for the web and for printing purposes but also for the professional archiving system.



Past meets future

From the 16th until the 19th century, miniatures were the most widespread form of portrait. The development of its specific technique and material is characterised by considerable innovations. The trendsetting portal transports this innovative character of the miniatures into the 21st century and gives them an appropriate digital framework.

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