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Licentia IT

New website
Optimal presentation: FUERSTVONMARTIN used Corporate and Responsive Design for Licentia IT’s web launch.

Project objectives

Due to the company’s first introduction into the licensing sector, FUERSTVONMARTIN created a well-structured, completely new website. Among other things, this included the complete development of the corporate design.

Focus on informational purposes

Providing information is the top priority of the new website of Licentia IT. The whole concept and programming focused on this objective. FUERSTVONMARTIN also assumed the responsibility for developing the catchy and characteristic logo. The responsive design of the modern website makes an optimal display possible on all terminal devices.

Rapid finalisation

In order to make it possible for the newly founded company to go online, FUERSTVONMARTIN implemented all project objectives within the tight time frame of three months. The team of Licentia IT has an advisory function when there are announced software audits, checks software licences and implements optimal Software Asset Management (SAM).

All workshops, seminars, upcoming appointments and presentations can be seen on the website.

Alle Projekte