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Development of Service Portal

Once more FUERSTVONMARTIN is pursuing new avenues and has developed a service portal for installation services on behalf of their client EP:.

Project Objectives

The client wished to exploit previously unused customer potential, which is found on the internet. That’s why the newly created service portal should be the first of its kind to cover the topic “installation services”.


Installation sought – and found

Electric appliance seeks specialist: Anyone who has bought a washing machine, stereo system or an electric cooker can find, on, a specialist company nearby that will install either the new item or a second-hand one professionally. The idea behind the new service portal is plausible and the implementation has worked out just as well.

Continual Development

FUERSTVONMARTIN developed the concept and design of the website and also realized its technical implementation. Since the launch the service portal has not only been taken care of by FUERSTVONMARTIN but also continuously developed and refined.

Alle Projekte