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MDS Möhrle

After the merger of MDS Möhrle with the law firm Happ Luther and Partner both of them received an independent website, both of which had a high recognition value.

Project Objectives

Requested was the design of two more modern, more informative, more structured and internally consistent websites with a clear recognition value. With the design of Happ Luther and Partner’s website, it was to become closer to that of MDS Möhrle & Partner without losing its visual independence.

Modern Combination of Design and Usability

Consult and Accompany – since 1928 this has been the key idea of the law firm MDS Möhrle & Partner in the specialist areas auditing, tax consulting and legal counseling. In January 2010 the law firm merged with the law firm Happ Luther and Partner and developed their interdisciplinary and proactive consultancy of their clients even further.  

Free ride on the “News Roundabout”

As a result of the logical navigation, the clients can easily find their way around the sites. The “news roundabout” which was set up recently brings all important news into view immediately. Thanks to the Enterprise Content Management System Typo3, the websites are particularly flexible and easy to add to.

High Recognition Value

Two independent websites have been created out of the same mould. They don't only impress with their modern design but can also easily be found on the internet due to the technical and editorial search engine optimization of keywords.

Alle Projekte