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Portal Relaunch

After its relaunch, the E-Plus group’s public affairs blog captivates with a clear, professional design innovatively integrating social media canals.

Project Objectives

The E-Plus group’s blog for digital political communication was completely relaunched. The specification was the motto “innovative professionalism” as well as a close interlinkage with Facebook as a political discussion canal.

Fully responsive on all mobile devices

The homepage’s clear structure and its professional design signalize that the content is paramount. The site is responsive and thus adjusts optimally to the size of the mobile device screens. Blog posts run in order of up-to-dateness. New posts can be subscribed to via mail feed. In addition, you can integrate the tool MailChimp and receive a newsletter.


Interactive and crosslinked

Share buttons are placed attractively and prominently above every article. Additionally, the integration of the Facebook Activity Feeds presents a connection to the target group’s most important social media platform.


Alle Projekte