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International Tree Broker

Website launch
For the tree brokers International Tree Broker from Hamburg, FUERSTVONMARTIN designed a modern website for the presentation of the company’s portfolio and current projects.  

Project objectives

A completely new website: From the conception to the design development and programming, up to editorial support, FUERSTVONMARTIN developed a new website for the client International Tree Broker. As a second step the social media channels were set up and implemented via the website.

Naturally friendly

The website combines tradition and modernity as a positive incentive for the company’s brand image. With its natural colours, the website design has an inviting and friendly character. The clear structure brings order and facilitates orientation.

Continuous editorial support

Thanks to their international position and the large network of renowned tree nurseries all over the world, the Tree Brokers provide a wide range of offers and possibilities for their customers. FUERSTVONMARTIN emphasises these possibilities with continuous editorial support with regard to the website and social media presence on Facebook, XING, and LinkedIn.

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