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Social Media

A good product such as the healthy dietary supplements for animals deserves an amazing Social Media Campaign – a case for FUERSTVONMARTIN.

Project Objectives

GladiatorPLUS produces healthy dietary supplements for animals. The manufacturer wanted to increase the awareness of their brand and generate additional sales by means of a social media campaign. One more central wish was to inform on the topic of animal health.

Blog away for an innovative product

The high quality animal dietary supplements from GladiatorPLUS have a detoxifying effect and strengthen the immune system. But do all the pet and animal owners already know this? The GladiatorPLUS health experts commissioned the social media experts from FUERSTVONMARTIN to position their innovative product on the market better.

Ambassadors are ready

The topic “pets” is highly charged with emotions and is therefore particularly well suited for social media. In addition to the editorial management of the three blogs, FUERSTVONMARTIN takes care of the company’s Facebook and Xing pages. The involvement of befriended experts in the editorial process is being developed further; for the future, even brand ambassadors are planned, such as those already used by FUERSTVONMARTIN for their client BASE.

Image 3: Eduardo Rivero -

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