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Website Relaunch

FUERSTVONMARTIN planned a new portal for the large electronic specialist retail chain. The portal offers “Tips from Pros” as a campaign in the e-commerce sector.

Project Objectives

MEDIMAX planned the relaunch of their website as the beginning of a campaign in the e-commerce sector.  Furthermore, editorial content such as product descriptions and specials should raise the value of the electronic specialist retail chain’s website and SEO measures should increase the scope.

Pros by themselves

FUERSTVONMARTIN was able to provide their extensive online experience when accompanying the planning of the relaunch and when developing the site. They took on the coordination with the implementing technology agency and assumed responsibility for the editorial management and text production.

Online Reservations

The launch of the central innovations took place between September and November 2012. Since then, the MEDIMAX site has had digital features such as online reservations for the pick-up at the nearest store, which strengthens the core business of local retail. And regularly MEDIMAX experts from individual stores present their favourite products in the rubric “Pro Tips”.

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