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ZEIT Reisen

FUERSTVONMARTIN designed the leading travel portal ZEIT Reisen in a much more emotional way with an increased depth of information and an optimised ordering process.

Project Objectives

The objectives of the travel portal relaunch of the renowned publishing house DIE ZEIT are to extend the reach and increase both the conversion rate and the turnover. In order to achieve these specified objectives, creative solutions had to be developed. These included increasing transaction capacity by creating a responsive state-of-the-art design with an improved usability.

Emotion and Information

A more emotional user experience and the enhancement of the information content are decisive for the new web appearance, to which, above all, large-format pictures and the newly created world of experience contribute. The user plunges into an exciting world of adventure reports, perspectives and amazing pictures – always in connection with suitable travel offers.

Targeted increase of conversion

Minimising the distraction from the original purchase process: By expanding areas as a “conversion funnel” which purposefully leads the customer into and through the booking process, the precondition for a better conversion has been created. Thus, the WordPress-based portal is now ideally positioned for its task to sell trips and holidays.

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