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Content Marketing

In the development phase of the much regarded hair portal, FUERSTVONMARTIN took on the editorial management for the initial filling in of data and the operational business together with Condé Nast Digital.

Project Objectives

Commissioned by Condé Nast Digital, FUERSTVONMARTIN took over the editorial project management for the relaunch of the hair cosmetic manufacturer Schwarzkopf’s portal. The revolutionary idea behind the innovative hair portal: Content Marketing. Instead of running simple product advertisements, a high quality, editorially designed environment should arise, providing relevant, useful and entertaining information on all topic areas concerning hair care. It was the objective to increase the general scope and also to tag the important key words by means of editorial texts optimized for search engines.

SEO in focus

On the basis of an SEO analysis which was carried out, the most relevant keywords were determined and the site map was compiled. Consequently, FUERSTVONMARTIN supported Condé Nast Digital in the compilation of the theme plans and the production of the articles optimized for keywords.

Almost worldwide

FUERSTVONMARTIN supported in entering content in CMS (CQ5) and the management of promo-teaser on the homepage. Analog to the German site, an English portal was created. This was filled with translated texts and served as a starting point for a rollout in many other countries.

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