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Over a period of six months FUERSTVONMARTIN carried out internet research on the topic of spirituality in daily life.

Project objectives

The objective was to evaluate the significance of the topic spirituality by means of a social media analysis. Special interest was laid on the terminology and tonality of the users who exchanged their opinions of the Nordkirche.

Quantitative and qualitative analysis

In order to identify the explicit question in a dialogue, a workshop with the Nordkirche was held in advance. On this basis, FUERSTVONMARTIN browsed, with the help of the social media monitoring software Brandwatch, all important discussion platforms on the social web for analysis-relevant information, reports and dialogues – over a time period of six months.

Proximity to the people

Even nowadays, many people have a profound yearning for spirituality. An important result of FUERSTVONMARTIN’s fully developed methodical analysis is that the Nordkirche can play an important role in this regard – for example by offering silence workshops, meditation or days of tranquillity. These new insights enable the Nordkirche to address potentially interested people via new and alternative communication pathways.

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