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BASE Ambassadors

Social Media

FUERSTVONMARTIN’s social media team digitally visits end users at home for the mobile communications brand BASE – for dialogues with customers at eye level.

Project Objectives

In order to optimize the reputation of the BASE brand and the E-Plus network directly at the end user, the client wanted to take the risk of having a dialogue at eye level with its customers in forums and communities.

Own Blog as a basis

This project really has no parallels! In addition to taking care of in-house social media activities, the E-Plus group contracted the agency FUERSTVONMARTIN with establishing BASE ambassadors. The ambassadors don’t only communicate and comment on the most recent developments from the world of mobile communications on their own blog – they also make “home visits” in the natural digital surroundings of the customer: in forums and communities.

Digital Customer service on location

Here, prejudices against the E-Plus network and BASE as a brand can be broken down in direct dialogues by means of informing customers about the network extension and giving help and tips on contract details or setting up the mobile phone. The BASE ambassadors also function as customer service staff and customer advisors on location.

The success story continues

The BASE ambassadors are a success story. The courageous pioneer project which has been running since October 2010 has even been extended by developing a Brand Community with satisfied customers on their own platform (BASE Friends).


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