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Corporate Website

FUERSTVONMARTIN thought of something very special for an innovative client: a corporate website on a blog platform.

Project Objectives

Simple, customer oriented, in dialogue form and communicative, transparent and close to the customer - those were deciding factors that were focused on during the relaunch of the E-Plus Group’s portal. Previously, the Corporate Website was static should be redeveloped to a Social Hub, to convey information directly to journalists, bloggers and customers.

Social Hub as a Swiss army knife

Required was the creation of a functional Swiss army knife for the company communication. Previously static, the portal today considers itself to be a Social Hub which consistently extends the target group dialogue on the social networks, in order to convey information directly and in an up-to-date way to journalists, bloggers and interested customers as a distributor.

Company website on a Blog platform

Within about three months, FUERSTVONMARTIN restructured the portal under SEO and usability aspects, developed a modern design and guaranteed the technical implementation. The relaunch took place in the course of the presentation of E-Plus Group’s quarterly figures on 24th April 2012. For easy handling and optimal update support, the portal was drawn up with CMS Wordpress. With this, E-Plus Group’s company communication can quickly and simply enter and update the content.

Distributing News via the Social Bar

All the new articles are aggregated on the homepage. In addition to the teaser area, there is the social bar with which the information can be spread into different canals. Editorial services pool different data packets and articles which are relevant to the theme to important topic areas.


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